Hi, I'm Mattea. I'm am always interested to meet new people and looking out for new ideas, projects, collaborations or work. Feel free to contact me.


Mattea is a travel documentary/lifestyle photographer from the South Coast, U.K with a passion for meaningful storytelling. Mattea is currently based in New Zealand and has recently had her work exhibited in both Germany and Israel.

Exhibitons (group):

July 2019 | PENDULUM 'Hopes and Fears' | KulturMarkt Halle | Curated by Rom Barne | Berlin, Germany

July 2019 | PENDULUM 'Hopes and Fears' | Cuckoo's Nest | Curated by Rom Barne | Jaffa, Israel


November 2019 | Abandoned Buildings | Blank Wall Gallery | Curated by Maria Toutoudaki | Athens, Greece

Education - 1st in Music and Sound Technology BSc (hons) degree

email: matteamckinnonphoto@gmail.com

All images © 2019, Mattea McKinnon (UK)

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